Power & Privilege- A Personal ‘Pressing’ Issue- 0.3 CEUs


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RID has begun to require trainings in ‘Power, Privilege, and Oppression’ (PPO) subject matter, which seems like a pioneering move for our profession. But our cultural and linguistic roots as ASL-English Interpreters (and ‘Of Color’!) have always negotiated the fine lines between recognizing those in Power/those without, those with Privilege/those fighting for basic dignities, overt displays of oppression, and micro-aggressions that further alienate certain groups, but forge alliance with others.

This workshop will begin the dialogue of recognizing our own personal Power Characteristics, Unconscious Privileges, and Micro-Aggressions that Elevate/Oppress and Approve/Invalidate others through self-analysis of personal choices in constructed examples. Small Groups will discuss personal Power/Privilege/ Oppression characteristics that we may demonstrate in our daily lives. The RID-NAD CPC and PPO actions/inactions will also be contextually considered from multiple intersecting viewpoints, resulting in applied Best Practices outcomes for all stakeholders in Interpreting situations.


  • Participants will identify 2-4 of their personal Power, Privilege, and Oppressive characteristics
  • Participants will rank their personal PPO characteristics on behavioral, cognitive, linguistic, and cultural norms spectra.
  • Participants will formulate 2 creative approaches to defusing and reducing personal PPO characteristics in their daily lives.
  • Participants will be able to specify at least one RID-NAD CPC tenet that applies to sample situations containing PPO occurrences.

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0.3 Professional Studies

The Betty & Leonard Phillips Deaf Action Center is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. The Professional Studies program is offered at the 'Some' Content Knowledge Level.



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Target Audience

Working sign language interpreters

Presenter Information

Bob LoParo, RID CI, CT
Bob, holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Xavier University. He has trained and interpreted extensively with DeafBlind individuals, Alcohol/Drug Addiction Services, Theatrical/Performance (Juilliard School/Theatre Access Program/Theater Development Fund), cruise vacations, post-secondary settings, and conferences (state, regional, national, and international).

He has been involved with multiple RID Member Sections since he joined RID in 1999, including ITOC (Region V Representative, 2011), BLeGIT (Region V Co-Representative, 2009), DeafBlind (Vice-Chair, 2015), IEIS, VIMS, and Deaf Caucus. Mr. LoParo is also the Co-Chair of the Membership Committee for SCRID, Southern CA RID Affiliate Chapter (2013). Intersectionality, Power/Privilege/Oppression, and minority studies has always been of interest to him, considering his non-traditional background (Irish mother and Italian father–thus the name!) and lack of cultural Asian upbringing, necessitating his personal journey in discovering his roots, values, and identity. He has had multiple requests across the country for future engagements to present this and other Professional Development topics.

Mr. LoParo has taught at the university level since 2000 and has been an adjunct instructor in the ASL/ITP Department at El Camino since 2008 and the Faculty Adviser for the student-run ASL/ITP Club, Hands Of Friendship, since 2011. He enjoys teaching, mentoring, and presenting—assisting all ITP students and practitioners in reaching for ever-higher goals and abilities, while also mutually gaining wisdom and skills from those he works with on a daily basis. Power, Privilege, and Oppression are realistic experiences his students report regularly, so he emphasizes such topics & discussions during class. He is also a crazy-cat owner (4!), and a zombie, sci-fi, and science/technology-phile.