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A Basic Course in American Sign Language (Can be purchased here)

In this 10 lesson course, the student will be introduced to the fundamental principles of American Sign Language (ASL) and components of Deaf Culture. Basic principles in this session will include fingerspelling, facial expression, body movement, pantomime, spatial awareness, sign composition, and grammatical structure. Utilizing vocabulary and grammar, the student will be introduced to the expressive skills of converting the English language into ASL and the receptive skills of converting ASL into English.

There will be a receptive test to take at the end of the session. There is also the option of taking the expressive portion of the test via Skype. If you would like to take the expressive portion, please contact Raydra Hall (318-425-7781 or to schedule a time.

You are welcome to register for the class at any time. All of the classes are recorded and you can watch them as many times as you like.

Computer requirements:
High speed internet
No webcam required unless you will be taking the expressive skills portion of the test.

Note: No certificates will be awarded for this online class.

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