Interpreting Computers for Dummies- 0.3 CEUs


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We will begin with ‘how do I turn this thing on?’ This Webcast will begin with an hour of basic introduction to the computer system by a computer specialist guest presenter and afterwards move into vocabulary and basic interpreting models. We will show computer processes in a class room situation to increase basic knowledge of breaking down and understanding how to interpret computer lingo.


  1. Participants will be able to define the meaning of the term “computer”.
  2. Participants will be able to list three primary components of a computer in conceptually accurate ASL.
  3. Participants will be able to describe three peripherals for a computer in conceptually accurate ASL.

This webcast is voiced.

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0.3 Professional Studies

The Betty & Leonard Phillips Deaf Action Center is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. The Professional Studies program is offered at the 'Some' Content Knowledge Level.



Refund Policy

We will have recorded version of every webcast available. If for some reason you cannot attend the webcast at the scheduled time, you may watch the recorded version later. Because of this, we cannot offer refunds. If a webcast is cancelled, you will be given credit to view another webcast, either live or archived.

Target Audience

Working sign language interpreters

Presenter Information

Joseph “Jody” Winkler
Jody holds a General Studies degree from Northwestern State University. He is also currently enrolled in the clinical portion of the Registered Nursing program offered at the University. Jody currently holds the position of staff interpreter at the Betty and Leonard Phillips Deaf Action Center. He has been involved in deafness for the past 13 years. He has interpreted in a variety of settings notably legal, educational, community, religious, governmental and, of course, medical.

Jody was involved in the sign language theatrical troupe, The Sign Company, where he was a member for 8 years. He has also worked with the local Shreveport Little Theatre where he interprets local theatre productions. Jody teaches and is developing the curriculum for American Sign Language at the Deaf Action Center and has been an instructor for the Bossier Parish Community College Community Education Program.