• CHI CHI nuts & bolts

    The team dynamics between Certified Hearing Interpreters and Certified Deaf Interpreters is important in the context of successfully facilitating communication between consumers. Steven Hunter discusses best practices, the characteristics of effective teamwork and strategies for a successful team experience. Specific terminology is discussed, as well as, approaches to effective team building. Objectives: Participants will be […]

  • D-H team interpreting

    Chris Tester reveals the theoretical framework for interpreting and translation. He will discuss the interpreters’ roles as well as the appropriate interaction during legal assignments. The value of Deaf-Hearing interpreting teams will be discussed and demonstrated, as well as the process of team interpreting. Team member needs will be examined ie. negotiating the responsibilities, processing […]

  • whose turn is it

    “Two are better than one…” is a wise saying that has applied in countless situations since it was first penned more than 2,000 years ago. It certainly applies in the interpreting arena as well, regardless of the venue, be it community, educational, or VRS. Sometimes we all need a helping hand (or set of hands). […]

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