• hear sounds

    Course Description: You take someone else’s words, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions, and you express them in your own voice. Are you a professional American Sign Language Interpreter working with a consumer or… Are you an actor working with a script? Actors and interpreters have similar challenges; they want their“audience” to have an emotional response […]

  • ADA Help Me How

    ‘ADA HELP-ME HOW’ is a six part series presented by Christopher Tester, CDI from New York City. Chris explains the ADA and how to file a complaint if you feel you have been discriminated against. Each part in this series is 1-hour long. 1. A Snapshot of the ADA 2. ADA & Employment (Title I) […]

  • A left and right hand using matching blue pens to write simultaneously.

    Being told you sign like a Deaf person is arguably the most flattering compliment an interpreter can get. It means they were signing with a native-like fluency. Using two languages with native-like fluency or being linguistically ambidextrous so to speak is the highest standard for interpreters to strive for. But how can interpreters measure their […]

  • intro to dcs

    There has been a significant shift in ethical expectations in the field of interpreting from a deontological, or a rule-based approach to a more teleological, or goal and consequences-based approach. Given that, interpreters are no longer expected to rely on rules, which tell professionals what to think ethically but how to think ethically. Unfortunately, most […]

  • ASL Gumbo pt 2

    “Models are metaphors: ways of seeing one set of behaviors in terms of some other. Of course interpreters are not, never have been, and never will be machines, but if we think of some of the good qualities of efficiently running machines, it is useful to make the analogy. Throughout our brief history we have […]

  • fingerspelling TITLE

    This workshop will consist of brief lectures and productive drills for those who aim to enhance their receptive and expressive aptitude.  The following topics will be covered: – FIngerspelling Rules and the three “Cs” of Fingerspelling Strategies -Cardinal Numbers, Ordinal Numbers, Dates, Days, Weeks, Months, Years -Names, Age, Heights, Weights, Fractions, Family Tree -Addresses, State […]

  • city state country

    This webinar is intended for people who have little or no knowledge of different signs for cities, states, and countries. In this webcast, you will learn the different signs for cities, states, and countries. Objectives: Participants will be able to list the unique sign characteristics of at least ten city, state, or country signs. Participants […]

  • Creative ASL graphic

    This webcast will focus on ways to maximize depictions and grammar in ASL, including ASL expressions for social communication.

  • DSM IV-TR to DSM 5

    This three-hour workshop will provide an overview of the DSM-5 revisions, including its development process, changes to the organizational structure, and major revisions to existing diagnoses, as well as the introduction of new disorders from the previous DSM IV-TR This workshop will also inform participants about the elimination of Axis and the new utilization of […]

  • Heres sign

    Our work is serious business, to be sure. But who’s to say we can’t have fun with some of our experiences? Comedian Bill Engvall made the above statement famous almost 20 years ago with one classic standup routine. His claim that stupid people should just wear a sign so we’d all see them coming struck […]

  • good interpreter

    What makes a truly “good” interpreter? A seeming command of multiple languages? Expertise in expressive or receptive skills? Making complex concepts simple to understand? Always knowing just what to say/sign as well as when and how to do so? Surely, we’ve all watched other “good” interpreters at work, sometimes with admiration, wonder, or maybe even […]

  • Idioms1

    This is not your typical webcast. This is going to be a horse of a different color. We are dissecting idioms, showing their English presentation and their ASL interpretation.This webcast includes demonstration, discussion, interaction, and practicum. Objectives: Participants will be able to define the term “idiom” and give at least five examples. Participants will identify […]