• abc signs vocab

    Steven Hunter, MSW, mental health counselor and substance use professional, presents concepts and vocabulary in the areas of mental health and substance use.  Using his native language, American Sign Language, Steven guides the participant in understanding the concepts, definitions, and appropriate vocabulary in these two settings. Objectives: Participant will identify two types of non-standard ASL […]

  • mental health nonstandard

    Social Worker Steven Hunter, MSW, presents Mental Health: Working with Non-Standard Deaf Signers in American Sign Language. In this webcast, Steven identifies types of non-standard ASL users typically found in the mental health setting. Participants will be provided an overview which will assist them in understanding sign language dysfluency. Steven also identifies the core strategies […]

  • challenges mental health

    This webcast discusses important tools and tips for interpreters who work or desire work in the mental health setting. The presentation includes videos where you will learn about the role of an interpreter within several counseling session scenarios. Finally, two personal accounts from Deaf individuals who shared their insights and experience with having an interpreter […]

  • vicarious_trauma

    This webcast is geared to raise awareness of Vicarious Trauma (VT) to professionals including interpreters who are working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. Vicarious Trauma can be symptomatic in professionals who have experienced trauma in their life. This is a result that develops through time from empathic engagement in working with traumatized clients. […]