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  • terping testaments pt 1

    This webcast will the first of a five part series. During our three hours together, we will do an overview together of Genesis. In order to interpret scripture, we have to study scripture. Take a walk with me through creation and the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. Enter the ark with Noah […]

  • terping testaments pt 2

    This webcast is the second of a five part series. During our three hours together, we will do an overview together of Exodus. In order to interpret scripture, we have to study scripture. Take a walk with me as we encounter plagues, the Passover, the crossing of the Red Sea, and the Ten Commandments on […]

  • terping testaments pt 3

    This webcast is the third part of a five part series. In Exodus we learned the directions for building the tabernacle. Now, along side Moses, we will take a journey through the book of Leviticus, which gives the laws and regulations for worship in the tabernacle. This will include instructions on offerings, ceremonial cleanliness, moral […]

  • terping testaments pt 4

    This webcast is the fourth of a five part series. I would like to invite you to the Wilderness! During our three hours together, we will do an overview together of the book of Numbers. In order to interpret this book of the Bible, we must take a look of the lives of the younger […]

  • challenges mental health

    This webcast discusses important tools and tips for interpreters who work or desire work in the mental health setting. The presentation includes videos where you will learn about the role of an interpreter within several counseling session scenarios. Finally, two personal accounts from Deaf individuals who shared their insights and experience with having an interpreter […]

  • code of conduct

    Each day interpreters are faced with ethical dilemmas related to the facilitation of information. Some of these challenges are small and require a minimal amount of mental energy to resolve. While others, require a great deal of searching and values clarification before reaching a resolution. Participants, by using their experiences and an analysis of their […]

  • preacher says

    This is a Christian based webinar that will explore vocabulary that we hear while interpreting various church settings. We will dive into scripture and discuss appropriate signs that match that specific passage. We will also explore name signs, cities and other vocabulary that often stump us. Objectives: Participants will be able to produce at least […]

  • tutorial

    This tutorial will guide you through the webcast watching experience.

  • understanding_alcoholism

    What you will learn (This is Part 1 of a 3-part series)  Alcoholism is a fatal disease, killing Deaf people who don’t have access to the way out presented in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and literature.  What is the difference between alcoholism and heavy drinking (alcohol abuse)? This distinction is of utmost importance when interpreting in […]

  • vicarious_trauma

    This webcast is geared to raise awareness of Vicarious Trauma (VT) to professionals including interpreters who are working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. Vicarious Trauma can be symptomatic in professionals who have experienced trauma in their life. This is a result that develops through time from empathic engagement in working with traumatized clients. […]

  • voicing w flair

    What you will learn: Have you ever gotten chills or butterflies in your stomach because you have been asked to voice interpret? This webcast is focused on learning how to voice with flair. During the webcast, the presenter will discuss voicing styles, as well as, some good and bad habits, including the socio-linguistic influences often […]

  • what would you do bundle Sale!

    What Would You Do? Part 1 – 0.3 CEUs WHAT WOULD YOU DO when confronted with various interpreting scenarios that require an immediate decision and reaction? Some scenarios are ethical in nature, some are best business practices, some involve moral dilemmas, and some are just opportunities to exercise values clarification. This interactive webcast will present […]

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