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  • D-H team interpreting

    Chris Tester reveals the theoretical framework for interpreting and translation. He will discuss the interpreters’ roles as well as the appropriate interaction during legal assignments. The value of Deaf-Hearing interpreting teams will be discussed and demonstrated, as well as the process of team interpreting. Team member needs will be examined ie. negotiating the responsibilities, processing […]

  • dentist-674654__340

    Dental Terminology for interpreters introduces students to dental terminology used in a variety of dental settings in patient-provider communications.  The webcast introduces related topics including dental anatomy, disease progression and prevention, dental materials, restorative and therapeutic procedures, surgical interventions, and potential oral-systemic links.   Educational Objectives: 1. Identify existing knowledge of dental terminology (pre-lecture self-assessment). […]

  • do I do legal

    This workshop will focus within the scope of Legal interpreting. However, we will not discuss the work done inside the courtroom. Lecture will provide a guided discussion on legal areas within every day interpreting assignments and explore the relationship between a case in the court and any legally binding agreements outside of the court. There […]

  • DSM IV-TR to DSM 5

    This three-hour workshop will provide an overview of the DSM-5 revisions, including its development process, changes to the organizational structure, and major revisions to existing diagnoses, as well as the introduction of new disorders from the previous DSM IV-TR This workshop will also inform participants about the elimination of Axis and the new utilization of […]

  • ERY Bundle

    Ethics and The Real You Part 1 (January 6, 2020- February 8, 2020) [3.0 CEUs]   Ethics and the Real You – Part 1 is the first in a three-part series exploring various paradigms in the worlds of interpreting and ethics.  Sign Language interpreters make crucial decisions all the time in which we use our own life […]

  • exponents math

    Learn different signs that are used in a classroom setting for mathematics. The math terminology focuses more on a high school level. This is a vocabulary-driven webcast. OBJECTIVES: 1 Participants will be able to identify at least ten terms used when interpreting a mathematics class. 2. Participants will be able to produce and apply at least […]

  • Heres sign

    Our work is serious business, to be sure. But who’s to say we can’t have fun with some of our experiences? Comedian Bill Engvall made the above statement famous almost 20 years ago with one classic standup routine. His claim that stupid people should just wear a sign so we’d all see them coming struck […]

  • 12 Steps Pyramid

    (This is Part 2 of a 3-part series) What you will learn Millions of people have transformed their lives by working the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Their success, and the interpreters’ success, has come from their ability to truly understand these principles. Yet for many practitioners the Steps can seem vague, even confusing. This […]

  • good interpreter

    What makes a truly “good” interpreter? A seeming command of multiple languages? Expertise in expressive or receptive skills? Making complex concepts simple to understand? Always knowing just what to say/sign as well as when and how to do so? Surely, we’ve all watched other “good” interpreters at work, sometimes with admiration, wonder, or maybe even […]

  • Idioms1

    This is not your typical webcast. This is going to be a horse of a different color. We are dissecting idioms, showing their English presentation and their ASL interpretation.This webcast includes demonstration, discussion, interaction, and practicum. Objectives: Participants will be able to define the term “idiom” and give at least five examples. Participants will identify […]

  • idioms2

    Our first Idioms webcast had people head over heels! We had so many requests for a part two, that we would be pea-brained not to do one. David, Wendi and Earl will be back to bring you more idioms. They will be dissecting idioms, showing their English presentation and their ASL interpretation.This webcast includes demonstration, […]

  • Idioms3

    The cows have come home left and come back again! There are so many idioms that we haven’t been able to cover in the last two webcasts that we feel inclined to offer you another. Who are we kidding! They have been so much fun that we just wanted to do another one! All joking […]