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  • ASL Gumbo pt 2

    “Models are metaphors: ways of seeing one set of behaviors in terms of some other. Of course interpreters are not, never have been, and never will be machines, but if we think of some of the good qualities of efficiently running machines, it is useful to make the analogy. Throughout our brief history we have […]

  • fingerspelling TITLE

    This workshop will consist of brief lectures and productive drills for those who aim to enhance their receptive and expressive aptitude.  The following topics will be covered: – FIngerspelling Rules and the three “Cs” of Fingerspelling Strategies -Cardinal Numbers, Ordinal Numbers, Dates, Days, Weeks, Months, Years -Names, Age, Heights, Weights, Fractions, Family Tree -Addresses, State […]

  • back to basic

    It’s good to get back to basics, and this workshop allows working (and new) interpreters a chance to break down the essential process of taking thoughts and words in one language and rendering them into another. You know… our job. By definition, “interpretation” happens on the fly, while “translation” is done over time. While interpreters […]

  • bible sign how

    Have you ever been asked to interpret in a Christian setting and weren’t sure if you would be able to do it? Have you ever gotten up to interpret and gotten lost in all of the religious terminology? During this workshop, the participants will learn how to conceptually interpret religious terminology into ASL and also […]

  • catholic_deaf

    Roman Catholicism! A magnificent faith steeped with centuries of spirituality, humanity, tradition and history. So where does one begin to teach, to interpret, to propagate and to learn all that comprises the Roman Catholic Church of today?. How does one convey the grandness of being a child of God and the love experienced when belonging […]

  • CHI CHI nuts & bolts

    The team dynamics between Certified Hearing Interpreters and Certified Deaf Interpreters is important in the context of successfully facilitating communication between consumers. Steven Hunter discusses best practices, the characteristics of effective teamwork and strategies for a successful team experience. Specific terminology is discussed, as well as, approaches to effective team building. Objectives: Participants will be […]

  • city state country

    This webinar is intended for people who have little or no knowledge of different signs for cities, states, and countries. In this webcast, you will learn the different signs for cities, states, and countries. Objectives: Participants will be able to list the unique sign characteristics of at least ten city, state, or country signs. Participants […]

  • cochlear-implants

    The idea of cochlear implants met with some very embattled beginnings. People in the field of deafness have heard the idea of someone being implanted described in a number of ways as a miracle all the way to genocide and everything in between. In this webinar, we will examine the benefits of a cochlear implant […]

  • Creative ASL graphic

    This webcast will focus on ways to maximize depictions and grammar in ASL, including ASL expressions for social communication.

  • criminal_justice

    This webcast will offer a basic to moderate overview of vocabulary that you will run across while interpreting for your local law enforcement. We will discuss how and when we are to facilitate culture mediation, as well as how to maintain our role in uncomfortable situations. During the last hour of this webcast, we will […]

  • D-H team interpreting

    Chris Tester reveals the theoretical framework for interpreting and translation. He will discuss the interpreters’ roles as well as the appropriate interaction during legal assignments. The value of Deaf-Hearing interpreting teams will be discussed and demonstrated, as well as the process of team interpreting. Team member needs will be examined ie. negotiating the responsibilities, processing […]

  • dentist-674654__340

    Dental Terminology for interpreters introduces students to dental terminology used in a variety of dental settings in patient-provider communications.  The webcast introduces related topics including dental anatomy, disease progression and prevention, dental materials, restorative and therapeutic procedures, surgical interventions, and potential oral-systemic links.   Educational Objectives: 1. Identify existing knowledge of dental terminology (pre-lecture self-assessment). […]