• 9 month interpreting

    This webcast will take you through the three trimesters of pregnancy and conclude just prior to the birth. It will be a basic over view of terminology and interpreting scenarios that we face while interpreting during these 9-month assignments. The webcast will be somewhat interactive, so have your hands warmed up and ready to participate. […]

  • aa meeting structure

    (This is Part 3 of a 3-part series) In this 100-minute webcast, which closes out the three-part series on alcoholism from David Evans, attention will be given to the types of meetings held by Alcoholics Anonymous, what transpires at these meetings, and what helpful information interpreters need to know before interpreting at such meetings. Viewers […]

  • abc signs vocab

    Steven Hunter, MSW, mental health counselor and substance use professional, presents concepts and vocabulary in the areas of mental health and substance use.  Using his native language, American Sign Language, Steven guides the participant in understanding the concepts, definitions, and appropriate vocabulary in these two settings. Objectives: Participant will identify two types of non-standard ASL […]

  • hear sounds

    Course Description: You take someone else’s words, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions, and you express them in your own voice. Are you a professional American Sign Language Interpreter working with a consumer or… Are you an actor working with a script? Actors and interpreters have similar challenges; they want their“audience” to have an emotional response […]

  • ADA Help Me How

    ‘ADA HELP-ME HOW’ is a six part series presented by Christopher Tester, CDI from New York City. Chris explains the ADA and how to file a complaint if you feel you have been discriminated against. Each part in this series is 1-hour long. 1. A Snapshot of the ADA 2. ADA & Employment (Title I) […]

  • Admit Believe Decide part 2

    During this webcast we will continue through steps 7-12 of the 12-step program. Again, we will study each step individually, how it applies to alcoholic/addicts and how to accurately interpret it in American Sign Language. If you have already taken part 1 of this series, then this webcast is a “Must take.” The first six […]

  • Admit Believe Decide part 1

    Have you ever been interpreting at an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting and felt lost when it came to the 12 steps? If so… admit, believe and decide that this webcast is for you. In this webcast we will focus on the first six steps of the program. As interpreters, we need to understand the content of […]

  • AIDS untold

    This webinar will introduce interpreters to a topic that is becoming more prominent in our careers. We are finding ourselves interpreting HIV testing, HIV/AIDS results as well as care for the patients once they have been diagnosed. The objective of this webinar is to make interpreters more aware of HIV and AIDS. They will be […]

  • alcoholism bundle Sale!

    Understanding Alcoholism (Part 1) – 0.4 CEUs Alcoholism is a fatal disease, killing Deaf people who don’t have access to the way out presented in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and literature.  What is the difference between alcoholism and heavy drinking (alcohol abuse)? This distinction is of utmost importance when interpreting in AA. Using the “Big Book” […]

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  • A left and right hand using matching blue pens to write simultaneously.

    Being told you sign like a Deaf person is arguably the most flattering compliment an interpreter can get. It means they were signing with a native-like fluency. Using two languages with native-like fluency or being linguistically ambidextrous so to speak is the highest standard for interpreters to strive for. But how can interpreters measure their […]

  • intro to dcs

    There has been a significant shift in ethical expectations in the field of interpreting from a deontological, or a rule-based approach to a more teleological, or goal and consequences-based approach. Given that, interpreters are no longer expected to rely on rules, which tell professionals what to think ethically but how to think ethically. Unfortunately, most […]

  • ASL Gumbo Pt1

    ‘ASL Gumbo: Ingredients for Seasoned Interpreters’ is a new series we have begun where we revisit, explore, and/or review topics we learned about when we first came into the profession of sign language interpreting. These topics will range from Culture’s influence on communication to Ethics to Team Interpreting. New and upcoming interpreters will find the […]